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Bill on the porch at Bigfoot Canoes on the Upper Guadalupe River, Texas
Bill at Bigfoot Canoes
April 28, 2001
A native Dallasite, I have lived in Austin, Texas for the last 15 years where I worked for the City of Austin Water Department until my retirement in 2002. Away from work my activities include attending Little League baseball, football and soccer games and Boy Scout events with my 12 year old son Will. When the rivers are up we enjoy paddling canoes together along with my brother Marc and some friends from Austin and San Antonio.

In 1995, I began paddling canoes when I took a trip on the Brazos River in Central Texas with my sister-in-law Susan and her husband Steve. Later that year I paddled the Brazos, San Marcos and Upper Guadalupe Rivers with my brother Marc, who lives in Dallas. We have paddled many miles together since then on the Medina, Guadalupe, San Marcos, Trinity and Brazos Rivers. Will joined us for his first river trip when he rode as a passenger as Marc and I paddled in the Trinity River Challenge, an 11.8 mile marathon canoe race sponsored by Dallas Down River Club, where Marc was newsletter editor.

The new millennium brought major changes in my life and lifestyle. I was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, neck and throat leading to surgery on February 1, 2000. Recovery has been long, slow and painful, but I am now cancer-free and making a comeback to my former self. In fact, I started paddling again in April, 2001, and am looking forward to many more trips in future years.

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