Poetry of Marc W. McCord

Ticket to Heaven

You're my ticket to heaven
my road to paradise.
The journey began
when I looked into your eyes.

You're my passage to freedom
my roadmap to all that's good.
I'd give you the stars
if only I could.

You're my compass to glory
my ship to Valhalla's shore.
With your hand on my rudder
I've got new worlds to explore.

You're my river of life
my reason for being here.
With you by my side
my mission in life is so clear.

You lead me through darkness.
You calm all my fears.
The kisses you give to me
wipe away all my tears.

You're my ticket to heaven
my road to paradise.
The journey won't end
until I can't see your eyes.

Written by Marc W. McCord
© April 21, 1999. All rights reserved.

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