Seeking to Be Whole

Like an Ahab's Pequod upon the briny deep
sail I in search of love so sweet and pure
that all is sacrificed, that all is found
this heart of mine to long endure
the test of time e're eternal sleep.

Ahoy, said I, to all who hear my call.
The heart cries out to find a safe harbor
to all that's lost at such a cost
before I sleep down in yonder arbor
on hands and knees before the mast I crawl.

When finding naught the one who guides my way
I search the earth to fill that void within.
That all is lost, yet still I carry on
across the meadows and deep into the glen.
Will this be the dawning of that bright day?

Like Ahab's quest to find his demon fear
I rend my soul in loneliness despair.
The journey tires me, yet I cannot sleep
so to my journey I once again repair
in search of love that would I hold so dear.

Ahoy, said I, ahoy and sail to port
on wings of air that guide my destiny
until the end when time will surely tell
if love I sought has found its rest in me
or if I'm dashed upon the rocks of last resort.

Come hither, cried I, eyes lifted to the clouds.
I come in search for that which makes us sure.
The weight of the world upon me ever bears,
no longer do I strive my soul to endure.
But wrap me, bind me, seal me in thy shrouds.

by Marc Wesley McCord
March 1, 1999

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