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Sometimes, what we feel can best be expressed in poetic words and phrases that reach deep into the heart to find those feelings hidden from the surface. When I was a musician I would write songs to say what was inside. Today, years after having ceased playing musical instruments, I sometimes find those same feelings trying to get out of me, and so poetry is the vehicle of choice for those endeavors.

The first links are to some of my recent poetic writings about life, people, places and events. I have not tried to write in an iambic pentameter or other rhythmic style, but rather straight from the heart. Metered poetry is often easier to read, but sometimes lacks the feelings that comes from freeform poetry where the words just roll out, telling the story in the way it is felt.

The second set of links are to songs I have recently composed, the music of which is not available here, but the words are presented as an expression of heart-felt feelings that are sometimes hard to say in the course of casual conversation, even to the people involved.

I hope you enjoy these efforts and can take some measure of solace in them. Feelings are fleeting things, and often pass without recognition. If these writings give insight into who and what I am, or bring comfort to even one other person, or inspire someone to express their own feelings, then it will have been well worth the time and energy required to put down on cyberpaper that which is deep within me.

Marc Wesley McCord


Today - A Poem for Lynda There Is a River
Cherokee Rose Words Left Unspoken
Seeking to Be Whole Distant Shores
Time to Fly Ticket to Heaven
Goodbye, Vicki Yancey Retirement
Sweet Marie, Who Touched my Soul

Ballads and Blues

A Heart is a Delicate Thing My Heart's Lament
Lingering Memories Rivers of Life
Minstrel Man The Blues Followed Me Home
I Wonder Heading for a Fall
Rio Bonita I'll Kiss the Stars
I Think It's Time for Me to Go

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