The Poetry of Marc W. McCord

Sweet Marie, Who Touched My Soul

Neptune Masthead

Four walls with a roof overhead
protections I have always known.
A daytime sun to light my way
and at night the stars have shone.

Fate has always been my guide
and by the hand fate led me
to distant shores and far away dreams
that took me down to the sea.

The path was destined before I was born,
and the moon led me to you.
But you weren't free; it could never be,
my heart was torn in two.

Sweet lips of yours whisper in my ear
stolen moments we had were too few.
What could not be would not allow
true hearts their passions renew.

Oh, wretched fate keeps calling me home.
A lonely road waits for my steps.
'Tis far too hard to bid farewell
to meadows where we once slept.

Sweet Marie, mild mannered one
who touched my soul, then left.
There's nothing here to take your place.
Hurry to me now sweet lonely death.

Written by Marc W. McCord
April 20, 1999

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