Concert for Christina and Vicki - Benefitting Cancer Research and Treatment

Ticket Sales and Donations to cancer research and treatment
Concert for Christina is a cancer benefit event for the purpose of raising money to help cancer patient Christina Mary McCord defray enormous medical bills and to generate donations through ticket sales, raffles and direct contributions by concert attendees to benefit local charitable cancer support organizations. Much of the expense for this event is being donated, which will increase the amount of money available for giving to organizations that support the less fortunate who cannot afford to get proper cancer treatment and aftercare.

A bank account will be established in the name of the Concert for Christina Benefit Foundation, and a PayPal account will be established allowing for direct payment for tickets, as well as additional donations to the causes of cancer research and treatment. Tickets will also be available at the door for a slightly higher price. The concert will be an all day event lasting at least ten hours and featuring at least 12 bands or solo performers in the genres of rock, jazz, blues, folk and country music - there is something for everybody.

Headliners include the perennial composer/singer/guitarists Danny O'Keefe and Gary Nicholson, former John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers lead guitarist and vocalist Buddy Whittington, Southern rock phenomenon Point Blank, Nashville blues artist Whitey Johnson, Dallas favorites Bugs Henderson and The Shuffle Kings, The Stratoblasters, Gunpoint, Nitzinger, Gilley's Dallas house band The Chris Rivers Band, preemminent signer, songwriter and guitarist Richard Dean, Fort Worth blues legend Bobby Counts and other top quality performers.

Tickets will be available as follows:

  • Advance general admission - $30.00

  • Door general admission - $35.00

  • Advance reserved seating (limited seating available) - $40.00

  • Gold VIP Pass - $1,000.00 (see General Info tab for details)

  • Silver VIP Pass - $500.00 (see General Info tab for details)
  • Watch this website for announcements about ticket availability and purchasing instructions.

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    Last updated November 2, 2009