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Mission Statement
Wilderness Explorations Inc. was formed in 2005 by Marc W. McCord of Dallas, Texas and Dirk Davidek of San Antonio, Texas for the purposes of leading wilderness river trips for commercial clients, producing HDTV and SDTV documentary programs on remote, scenic rivers, maintaining a video and still photograph stock library for commercial and institutional advertising applications and offering adventure web site design services.

Recognizing the explosive growth of the HDTV market, demand for quality program content and a lack of materials available to HDTV broadcasters, WEI was structured to capitalize upon the professional and personal experiences of its principal owners to deliver high quality products and services that are appealing to a broad market audience.

WEI intends to produce two major video series of 4 to 6 segments each per year, then market finished products to broadcasters at three Internationally-recognized tradeshows that bring together buyers and sellers of television program content. Utilizing the services of a major HDTV producton team with established credentials, WEI will offer broadcasters adventure programing that will appeal to viewers with interests in paddlesports, wilderness exploration, history, culture, anthropology, geology and natural scenic beauty.

Programs will include wilderness river explorations in North, Central and South America, marathon canoe racing events, overland wilderness explorations and other adventures that combine spectacular nature cinematography with human interest stories built around participants in each series. Additional applications for program content will include educational presentations, promotion of outdoor recreation opportunities and a closer look at the delicate balance of man and nature in wilderness settings.

WEI intends to produce programs that are profitable to investors by offering quality products that have broad market applications in several venues including both HDTV and SDTV broadcast markets, commercial and institutional advertising markets, public and private education markets and other sectors where the need for documentary material is required or beneficial.

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