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CRGS Team-Building on the Land
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Team-building seminars of 1-, 2- or 3 days include both land-based and water-based activities. Land-based portions of the program include an orientation and discussion of objectives, role-playing exercises to develop teamwork skills in simple activities requiring coordination and attention to the actions of other group members, discussion of water-based activities and goals to be accomplished, an analysis and critique of the seminar and a closing awards ceremony.

Land-based activities include short exercises such as puzzles, games and problem-solving exercises to develop coordination and attention before moving on to more robust exercises that may include land-based scavenger hunts, ropes courses, competitive games, treasure hunts using maps and compasses or other activities that cause participants to think and work together as a team to accomplish the stated goals. In some cases participants may also be asked to assist in meals preparation and clean-up, firewood gathering or other camping activities that benefit the group as a whole.

Depending upon seminar location, weather and facilities available programs may be conducted indoors, outdoors or both. Participants will learn to work in concert toward common objectives and to improvise when situations are not exactly as they normally would be, such as when a member of a team having specific functions is suddenly absent and others must fill the role played by the missing teammate to successfully complete their objectives. Activities are designed to be entertaining and educational, teaching problem-solving techniques in a low-stress way.

Full-day seminars include lunches for all participants. Two-day seminars include first day lunches and dinners, and second day breakfasts and lunches. Three-day seminars include first day lunches and dinners, second day breakfasts, lunches and dinners and third day breakfasts and lunches. Everything is provided, so participants only need to bring themselves and personal effects such as clothing, toiletries, etc.

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Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events

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