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CRGS Team-Building on the Water
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The purpose of team-building exercises is to develop skills necessary for groups of people to work together as a single unit to accomplish goals and objectives in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Skills developed within a group are dynamic, and each person possessing those skills is more easily adaptable to other groups than are persons without those skill sets. Learning team skills in a recreational setting makes the learning process fun while building the foundation for successful teamwork in the workplace environment.

Canoeman River Guide Services (CRGS) offers companies the opportunity to bring employees together outside the workplace and away from the stresses and formality of the business world. Sessions can be as short as a half-day where basic teamwork and relaxation are the objectives, as well as full-day or multi-day overnight sessions for those wanting a more comprehensive interaction between employees.

Utilizing canoes and rafts, groups as small as two people (canoes) or as large as 4-8 people (rafts) will learn how the actions of one or more affect the results realized by the group as a whole. Basic paddling skills will be taught and each person will learn their role and how it affects the progress of the team. After a short orientation period goal-oriented activities will be undertaken utilizing the learned skills to accomplish stated objectives. One such activity is a water-based scavenger hunt for strategically placed objects that must be found and recovered by the team in competition with other teams. This activity is entertaining while focusing on the need for teamwork to accomplish its objectives. Another water-based activity is short sprint races which mandate coordination between team members. Recognition will be given for successful completion of assigned tasks, and overnight sessions will include an awards ceremony with trophies or other prizes upon completion.

Specific activities can be recommended, or a program can be designed by CRGS and customized to the needs of each group. Programs take into consideration the physical condition of participants and are designed with safety foremost in importance. Team-building exercises are a great stress reliever while teaching the fundamentals of working together for a common goal. Leading river trips of up to 60 or more people since 1996, CRGS has the skills and experience to conduct a successful event for your group.

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Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events
Team-building events

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