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Canoe and Raft Rentals
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Canoeman River Guide Services offers the availability of rental boats (canoes, kayaks and rafts) for paddlers needing boats for river trips led by Marc W. McCord. These include tandem canoes, solo or tandem kayaks and 2 to 6 person rafts. Occasionally, sit-on-top kayaks are also available from some canoe liveries.

Whenever possible, rented boats are acquired from a livery close to the river to be paddled. Rates stated below are for estimate purposes only, and actual rates may vary according to river and livery, but will generally be close to those quoted herein. All rented watercraft come equipped with paddles, USCG-approved PFDs (lifejackets) and other required equipment. Helmets and spray skirts are occasionally available for renting, depending upon the river and outfitter. Some outfitters on cold water rivers also rent wetsuits, drysuits, river booties and other cold water gear.

Typical Rates

Canoe or Tandem Kayak $40.00 - 60.00 per day
Solo Kayak $25.00 - 45.00 per day
Raft $20.00 - 40.00 per person per day

Typical rates for boat rentals may increase on some rivers due to local pricing. Exact rates will be quoted for specific trips and will be reasonably close to the rates listed above. Rates for boat rentals are set by the renting agency, and are not controlled by Canoeman River Guide Services or Marc W. McCord.

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