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River Camping
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Canoe camping trips usually involve tent camping. On occasion rivers are served by rental cabins and/or large meeting/dining halls which can be reserved for those who prefer not to sleep in tents or prepare meals over the open fires. Most people will provide their own camping gear, but tents, sleeping bags and other camping necessities can usually be rented whenever necessary.

Campsites on rivers may be on private land, in state or national parks, on public land or on gravel bars and river banks. For each trip led by Canoeman River Guide Services requiring overnight camping arrangements will be made for reservations, where required, and Canoeman River Guide Services will plan unreserved campsites according to recent topographical maps and current streamflow conditions to assure a safe and dry camping experience. Please note that flash floods within a river drainage area, though more than 100 miles away, may cause sudden flooding of campsites without advance warning, so no guarantee is ever implied or stated as to suitability of campsites.

Some reserved campsites require advance deposits and cancellation fees for early cancellation. Most have non-refundable deposits if late cancellations occur. This is particularly true of state parks and popular private or public campgrounds. Typically, campsite reservations should be made as early as possible, and certainly no later than 30 days prior to arrival. Customers will be advised about such matters when a trip is being planned.

Canoeman River Guide Services has established contacts with many available campsites on or near rivers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. Camping fees are passed straight through without extra charge as a normal service for trips being led by Marc W. McCord, and are provided as a service to customers. Campsites will be selected relative to the river being paddled and the skill level of the weakest paddlers to avoid severe fatigue and a less-than-happy canoe camping experience. Trips will be scheduled for 5 to 25 miles per day, as determined by experience and skill level of paddlers.

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River camping
River camping
River camping
River camping

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