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Canoeman River Guide Services is an enterprise of Marc W. McCord of Dallas, Texas, serving Scouting organizations, church and fraternal groups, social and activity-based groups, schools and business corporations since 1997. Canoeman River Guide Services offers river trips of one or several days of canoeing and camping on the beautiful rivers of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

Marc McCord started paddling canoes in 1975, and has paddled well over 15,000 miles since 1997, and over 1,000 miles in each of ten of the last thirteen years. His skills include proficiency on Class IV whitewater, training and experience in swiftwater rescue and basic First Aid. He has led groups of adults and teenagers of up to 60 paddlers in over 40 boats on a single trip, and is an experienced river guide with extensive background in food preparation, trip planning, and logistical coordination to make your trip more fun and less work. Marc also offers team-building events for companies, clubs or other groups wanting to develop better cooperation and teamwork among employees, members or other groups who interact with one another.

Whenever group size mandates Marc will utilize the services of other equally or more experienced paddlers to assure safety and management of the trip. He can advise on gear and equipment, preparations, and even plan your route from your home to the camp site or river put-in to facilitate your safe and timely arrival to meet the group before time to start the trip downriver. And, Canoeman River Guide Services can provide any level of trip coordination, from simply planning and leading the trip to making all arrangements in advance for campsites, boat rentals, shuttles, meals and other necessary elements of a river trip.

Let Canoeman River Guide Services plan and coordinate your next group trip at rates which are affordable and competitive. E-mail Canoeman River Guide Services today for an estimate of cost for your next group trip on the rivers of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado or Utah.

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Marc "Canoeman" McCord
Medina River, Texas
April 17, 2004

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